Event Date/Time: Sep 20, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 20, 2008
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This Spiritual World Event is an event organised by UK and International Psychic Medium David Wharmby. The purpose of this event is to unite as many Spiritually Aware to unite together to give to a Spiritual Calling.

This event is desgined to help aid the passing over of many Earth Bound Spirits that for varying reasons have not crossed into the Light.

History has shown that many have met a physical death be it by War, Famine,Natural Disaster, Crime and Terror etc and to many the suddenness has leftthem lost and confused, bewildered to the state they now find themselves in.

So Spirit called directly to those who would hear to give aid and assistance. For not only is this event marked in the manner it is for but it also the beginning of changes within our World. for this unity of those who care for Spirit are the ones that are taking a bold step toward progressive changes to come in our World as a whole.
For Spirit are desiring to see our World as it was meant to be, a place of Unity, Harmony, Love and above all Peace.


Additional Information

We NOW equally appeal to all Spiritually minded and aware to come forward and join us at the event. We also call upon Healers to unite alongside, for and at the sametime around our World many Healers will gather for the purpose of a World Healing to thosewithin and to Mother Earth herself.