Petrochemical & Refining Summit

Venue: Austin

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 06, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 08, 2010
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Investing resources into innovative technologies, plant safety solutions, plant reliability solutions and compliance mechanisms are essential elements to remain competitive in today’s Petrochemical and Refining marketplace.

A Unique Event

As demand for petroleum products continues to surge, the petrochemical and refining industry is under a microscope to comply with the new environmental mandates that have been proposed to increase the nation’s energy security. Coupled with delivering the most efficient fuel sources in a safe and environmentally friendly way, companies are faced with pressures to reduce costs in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. A fresh technological approach to maximize efficiency and throughput is the key to meeting future demand.

Change is underway for senior executives within the petrochemical and refining industry as they strive to become more innovative in order to improve operational performance and meet the new demands in this ever changing industry. Senior executives are now faced with the need to increase capital to further invest in innovative superior technologies that will increase capacity and also improve environmental performance in production processes and products. Attention to plant safety and equipment reliability is also necessary in order to optimize and improve operations. It is only through dedication to physical asset management built on a focused reliability strategy as opposed to relying on conventional maintenance that enterprises will remain competitive in today’s petrochemical and refining industry.

The Petrochemical & Refining Summit offers a unique format for solution providers to gain access to the leading Petrochemical and Refining executives globally who are responsible for these initiatives. Over three days, solution providers will meet and interact with senior executives through a number of one-on-one business meetings and many networking activities. In addition, sponsors will attend strategic summit sessions led by the thought leaders in the petrochemical industry. Within the luxurious settings of this resort, this networking event presents a unique opportunity to develop meaningful and valuable business relations.


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