Managing the Implementation of ENTERPRISE 2.0

Venue: Residenza di Ripetta

Location: Rome, Italy

Event Date/Time: May 05, 2011 End Date/Time: May 06, 2011
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A new wave of computing tools – from blogs to wikis to Twitter and Facebook – has grown in popularity during the past five years, and is now reaching “mainstream” status and is being adopted by CIO’s and senior executive in large, pragmatic Business organizations as a way of reaching new markets, increasing revenues and profits, and increasing the productivity and effectiveness of its employees.
“Enterprise 2.0” is the term used to describe Business-oriented adoption and implementation of technologies and cultural practices that were originally focused on informal networking activities among consumers, students, and teenagers.
But most organizations believe that the technologies of Enterprise 2.0 are less important than the Business strategies that need to be reexamined and updated. In today’s global recession, how can Enterprise 2.0 help IT departments reduce costs; how can it help the Enterprise deliver products and services more quickly and competitively? How can Enterprise 2.0 help us find new markets and customers? How can it help us find new products and services to offer existing customers? How can we find ways to increase collaboration between our employees, customers, suppliers, and other citizens – using, for example, strategies like “crowd-sourcing” - rather than operating entirely within a fortified firewall barrier? And how can we improve the effectiveness of communications with our customers, so we can spend more time listening to them, and less time preaching at them?
Enterprise 2.0 is a “strategic” issue: it requires senior corporate executives – including the CIO and senior IT Managers – to rethink basic assumptions about their Business, their customers, their suppliers, their work-force, their revenue models, and the day-to-day processes by which they carry out their Business.
This seminar is designed to help attendees understand the importance and impact of Enterprise 2.0 from both a Business and technology viewpoint.

Main Topics
Concept and themes of Enterprise 2.0
Managing the basic “building blocks” of Enterprise 2.0
Manaing the technologies for Enterprise 2.0
Managing relationshipos with vendors who offer Enterprise 2.0 products and services
Case studies and examples
Strategic planning for Enterprise 2.0
Managing the implementation of Enterprise 2.0
Managing cultural/social issues related to Enterprise 2.0
Future trends of Enterprise 2.0 evolution


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