Event Date/Time: Jun 08, 2011 End Date/Time: Jun 09, 2011
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It has often been said “IT is a Business within the Business,” having aspects of manufacturing, R&D, customer services and product support; but, if so, where in IT is the equivalent of the marketing function so prevalent in most Businesses?
In a recent survey of CIOs, 53% indicated developing leadership depth among the IT staff as being the biggest challenge to achieving a Business-focused IT organization. These same CIOs believe improving communication, professionalism, customer awareness, negotiating, and yes, even selling skills among staff as being vital to overcoming this barrier. This seminar suggests that many of these missing skills can be traced to the lack of a Marketing Function in IT.
By replicating the marketing processes of public relations, sales, pricing, customer care, and promotions in IT; ROI, image, professionalism, and customer satisfaction are enhanced. The seminar considers each of the basic marketing processes in turn and how they can be applied in IT. Adapting each marketing process to the size and needs of the attendees IT function is presented and discussed. Best Practice examples of each process in use are offered and techniques for employing the process are offered.
The seminar features lectures, case studies, and hands-on exercises where attendee practice presented techniques adopted by leading-edge organizations to improve the image, efficiency and Business-focus of IT by better marketing IT to their users, customers and stakeholders.

What you will learn
Attendees are introduced to frameworks that identify components of the sales and marketing function.
How each component can be adapted for use by an in-house IT Marketing function.
Benefits, risks and returns available to the IT organization that practices the disciplines of each component are discussed.
How each component can be adapted to the specific needs of an IT organization regardless of size, mission or industry are offered and stressed.
Main Topics
The 4 Ps of Marketing
The 6 processes of selling
Promoting IT: Improved Communications
Promoting IT: Enhancing IT’s Image
Pricing IT services
The IT Product Line
Placement Sourcing IT Services
Selling IT Services


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