Event Date/Time: Nov 27, 2012 End Date/Time: Nov 29, 2012
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The landscape of genetics is rapidly changing. The opportunities are endless. But when it comes to data, you have a problem.

With the cost of sequencing getting lower all the time, the emerging question is how to crack the data bottleneck.

Cost of analysis can outweigh cost of sequencing by 10 to 1, creating a huge headache for anyone trying to actually understand genome information. Answering the fundamental challenges of how to effectively store, transfer and interpret sequencing data will be key to fully unlock the meaningful information contained inside the genome.

Designed by experts at Pfizer, Abbott, GSK, the Human Genome Institute and University of Montreal among others, the World Genome Data Analysis Summitis the world’s first and only meeting focused exclusively on the management and interpretation of genomic data.

Join leading drug developers, academics, clinicians and solution providers to tackle the bioinformatic and computational challenges that you are facing in the storage, transfer, analysis and interpretation of genomic data.

What’s on the agenda?
• Make the most out of your sequencing processes with the latest techniques tobreak your genomic data bottleneck

• Develop a unified bioinformatic approach to genome data storage and interpretation

• Hear about what analysis software is available to address your data issues with assembly, alignment and variant calling

• Harness the potential of next generation sequencing through understanding themost appropriate methods for assessing genome expression variation

• Balance the trade off between preservation and loss with an overview of recent advances in data compression

• Find out about the challenges and advantages of using the Cloud for data storage and transfer to drive performance in your R&D

• Discover the solutions on offer for safe and effective high speed data transfer and sharing

• Discuss strategies to help you get the most out of technology providers for effective data handling and statistical analysis to drive lab productivity and reduce costs

Who should attend?

The World Genome Data Analysis Summit is the world’s first and only meeting of its kind. Build relationships with industry peers and future clients by meeting and networking with all the key stakeholders involved in sequencing. This means it’s for:

• Pharma and biotech companies looking to better understand how to overcome current barriers in the storage, transfer and analysis of genomic data

• Universities and genome research institutions keen to see how their pioneering research is being translated into drug development and looking for collaborations and funding opportunities

• Technology companies and software providers who can showcase their latest solutions to help solve the ‘Big Data Challenge’ that is currently holding the industry back


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